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1:1 Private Coaching

1:1 Private Coaching

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Enhance your personal power and achieve greater success with our bespoke 1:1 private coaching. Our coaching utilizes emotional intelligence, EQ, and mentoring techniques to help professional women develop self-awareness, integrity, and inspirational leadership. Overcome negative self-talk and stress, and improve conflict and stress management skills.

How to improve yourself with the help of 1:1 Private Coaching. Our private coaching sessions will guide you in discovering your true self. Benefit from personalized, one on one mentoring. Take the first step towards your journey of self-discovery today.

I use many modalities to help you weave your way through what you think is muck and mire!!  And I've been doing this work for over 14 years   I am fully qualified in many modalities including as an EQ facilitator.

This is a 12-week period of one-on-one private bespoke Coaching sessions.  Only for YOU.

I offer a 30 minute FREE Zoom meeting so that I am able to understand where you are now and where you want to get to.

Contact me NOW for more information.

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