Are you Self Aware, Aware of Others, Self Manage and/or Relationship Management aware?

We all think we are until something happens to us and things go belly up!!

Would you like to improve yourself and your teams in:

  • personal power
  • empathy for yourself and others
  • integrity
  • resilience
  • stress management
  • communication
  • conflict management
  • coaching or mentoring
  • and much more

You are in the right place.

This course will be held over a 16 week period - in group online sessions via Zoom.

Or I can run the course within your organisation dependent on where you are located.

If you are the boss in your own business or the corporate world and want to have a fantastic team and expand your staff's skills and abilities and the opportunity to expand your business then this is the course for you.

Contact me NOW for more information.